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Figure Drawing Gone Berserk

Dr. Sketchy’s is a social club comprised of artists and art lovers who gather on a regular basis to create and celebrate art. The club’s main focus is the hosting of alternative life drawing salons that offer top-notch models, refreshments, prizes, and casual networking opportunities… all wrapped up in an entertaining package.

From time to time, the lunatics who produce Dr. Sketchy’s Los Angeles strike out on adventures across America, and bring the Dr. Sketchy’s Roadshow to communities that do not yet have their own Dr. SKetchy’s Anti-Art School.

This Friday, January 22, the Dr. Sketchy’s Roadshow is popping up Monterey, California for a one night only engagement at the Alternative Cafe. All you need to bring is a $10 donation and your drawing materials. The model for the evening will be the spectacular Lavendar LaRue, and Mr. Baby Tattoo, Bob Self, will be on hand to host the shenanigans.

For information about all things Sketchy (including information regarding launching a Dr. SKetchy’s branch in your own town), please visit www.drsketchy.com.

The Alternative Cafe, 1230 Freemont Blvd., Seaside, CA 93955

Published on January 20, 2010 at 8:07 am  Comments (25)  

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  1. i am interested in carpooling. is it possible to network to that end through dr. sketchy’s website

  2. Your best bet as far as carpooling might be searching for the location and finding the Facebook event page for the specific night you are interested in & writing on the wall. For example, the one at Rothick: (you have to log in to see it) http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=183724754514&index=1

  3. No SF?

  4. Aww… If only I lived in CA! Stupid AZ-ness

  5. Had a great time at The Box last night. Thanks to the hosts and the lovely models!

  6. Just visited the LB show and it was a first time experience. I think I will be visiting another show soon!

  7. any hope for east coast dates? please!!!

    • We will absolutely be traveling east. Keep an eye out.

  8. What’s alternative about it. Some component i should know about?

    Missed the one in Santa Barbara…are you returning?

    • Fun. Sexy. Prizes. We’ll be back.

  9. For what it’s worth, here are a few of my sketches from the Road Show in Costa Mesa. This was literally my first experience drawing live models, and what a great experience it was 🙂

  10. San Jose straight to Sacramento? Oh woe are us San Franciscans!

    • Dr. Sketchy’s Roadshow is only visiting towns not fortunate enough to have their own Sketchy’s branch. San Fran is well off with a super spiffy Dr. Sketchy’s all its own. Visit http://www.drsketchyssf.com/ to learn more.

  11. Thanks guys! I had a great time flailing at the sketchbook while your models held rock-solid, excellent poses. Come back to Monterey! Sorry I missed the Crown and Anchor thing.

  12. i’m checking you guys out soon. you have a typo on this page: nothing “is comprised of” anything. you mean “composed.” peace!

    • While I appreciate your opinion on the matter, I am sticking with the more modern (and admittedly controversial) use of comprised. Dictionary.com discusses the word’s often criticized but increasingly prevalent usage (or misusage) at http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/comprised. You should consider getting out and drawing naked ladies more often.

      • Oh yeah!

  13. Awesome session at Gallery AD in San Jose. Thanks!

  14. Thanks for hosting this roadshow. 🙂 I attended the first one in Anaheim, and it was awesome! Hope you guys can come down to the OC more often~

    p.s. Hope you don’t mind… I posted some pics @ the Flickr Group.

  15. here are some drawing from nov. 13th at wax poetic:


  16. Viva la Sketchy’s!

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