Photo of D.D. by Mark Berry

D.D. seldom keeps her feet on the ground. She likes to hang from the ceiling, perch upside down, and defy gravity whenever possible. Not surprisingly, D.D. has a thing for flying (or for driving really fast if no planes are available). She recently merged her two hobbies, aviation and auto theft. Do not leave your aircraft unattended.

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Photo of Click by Mark Berry

Click likes to greet people when they arrive at Dr. Sketchy’s (so she can take their money). She usually collects a $10 donation at the door, but she’ll take more if she can get it (which she usually can). Click has been know to give little gifts (ranging from a flirtatious smile to an autographed photo) to folks who put money in the Roadshow tip jar. If she flirts with you, make sure she doesn’t steal your wallet.

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